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Indonesian Culinary Icons

Nasi Goreng

In December 2012, the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has created a list of 30 iconic Indonesian dishes to promote traditional dishes for tourism purpose. No doubt, traditional dishes is a very important key to introduce more about Indonesia in a international forums and markets.

Talking about food is talking about place, culture and identity. The diversity of Indonesia's culture and heritage reflects as well in a huge varieties of Indonesian traditional dishes that mark Indonesia's culinary today.

As rich as its natural beauty, as vary as its peoples and cultures, Indonesia is also blessed with manifold varieties of culinary delights. From the sweet taste of Yogyakarta´s cuisine to the distinct strong and spicy flavors of Padang´s Food.

The 30 Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons were selected to present the authentic taste of Indonesia, from the West to the East part of Indonesian archipelago, from appetizers (A), Main Dish (M) to Dessert (D).

Some recipes I have posted already here and I am working forward to complete the list. Feel free to take a look, give a try and hopefully I can bring you to the great of Indonesian Culinary Adventure ;-). At least ..take a note and don't forget to try one if you visit Indonesia.

The 30 Icons are:

  1. 1. Mixed Spicy Chicken | Ayam Panggang Bumbu Rujak (M) - Jogjakarta
  2. 2. Blanched Vegetables with Peanut Sauce | Gado-gado (M) - Jakarta
  3. 3. Fried Rice | Nasi Goreng Kampung (M) - Overall Indonesia
  4. 4. Rice Flour Pancake | Serabi (D) - Bandung
  5. 5. Sarikayo Minangkabau (D)
  6. 6. Indonesian Coconut Milk Drink | Es Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara (D)
  7. 7. Mixed Vegetables Salad with Coconut Dressing | Urap Sayuran (M) - Jogjakarta
  8. 8. Sayur Nangka Kapau (M)
  9. 9. Spring Rolls a la Semarang | Lumpia Semarang (A) - Semarang
  10. 10. Banana with Coconut Custard Parcels | Nagasari Jogjakarta (D)
  11. 11. Kue Lumpur Jakarta (D)
  12. 12. Chicken Soup Lamongan Style | Soto Ayam (M) - Lamongan
  13. 13. Black Beef Soup | Rawon (M) - Surabaya
  14. 14. Jakarta Mixed Pickle | Asinan Jakarta (A)
  15. 15. Chicken Satay a la Madura | Sate Ayam Madura (M) - Madura Island
  16. 16. Beef Satay a la Purwakarta | Sate Maranggi (M) - Purwakarta
  17. 17. Klappertaart Manado (D)
  18. 18. Fried Tofu with Egg | Tahu Telur (M) - Surabaya
  19. 19. Sate Lilit Bali (M)
  20. 20. Minangkabau Beef Stew | Rendang Padang (M)
  21. 21. Orak-arik Buncis Solo (M)
  22. 22. Pangasius Fish Soup Palembang Style | Pindang Patin Palembang (M)
  23. 23. Asam Padeh Tongkol Padang (M)
  24. 24. Nasi Liwet Solo (M)
  25. 25. Es Bir Pletok Jakarta (D)
  26. 26. Banana in Coconut Milk Kolak Pisang Ubi Bandung (D)
  27. 27. Ayam Goreng Lengkuas Bandung (M)
  28. 28. Laksa Bogor (M)
  29. 29. Kunyit Asam Solo (D)
  30. 30. Nasi Tumpeng (M)