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Fried Noodles

Origin: Indonesia by Chinese Immigrants Influence

Fried Noodles

Notes, Tips & Tricks

This is the famous everday street food in Indonesia : Bakmie Goreng or Mie Goreng, means Fried Noodles. Goreng is Indonesian word for "fried". Once you taste it, you will never get enough!!. So why don't you try yourself at home? This recipe looks so complicated but it is actually not. In is pretty simple & easy cooking process but the result? Hmmm....It is superb & delicious. I think it's hard to find any Indonesian people who doesn't proud of our Bakmie Goreng ha ha..!

Important Tips: 1. Take "Sambal Oelek" as a subtitute if bird chilli is not obtainable. 2. Use only the original Indonesian sweet soy sauce or known as Kecap Manis. This sauce is thick, sweet and contains almost no salt. It is often used in the Indonesian kitchen, in particular for Satays. You can find Kecap Manis only in Asian shops. Though in western supermarket many varieties of "claimed to be indonesian sweet soy sauce" are available but personally I would say, those people have no idea of what kecap manis is" ;-((. Mostly those products taste really salty, worst than our salty soy sauce.

However experience taught me a lesson and I have found a simple trick to recognize it's originality: Just shake the bottle downside, if the sauce has a thick, almost syrupy consistency then you get it right. If it flows like water then never think a twice to even try, otherwise you will ruin your delicious Fried Noodles! Good Luck..


Ingredients for 4 persons:

  1. 250 gr/9 oz asian noodles / egg noodles
  2. 150 gr/5 oz chicken fillet, cut in pieces
  3. 200 gr/7 oz white cabbage, raughly sliced
  4. 2 carrots, thinly cut
  5. 100 gr/3.5 oz coy sum (chinese vegetable), raughly sliced
  6. 3 spring onions, cut in 1 cm length
  7. 100 gr/3.5 oz beansprouts, the bottom brown end discarded
  8. 3 large red chillies, de-seeded, raughly chopped
  9. 5 small red chillies / bird chillies, chopped / use Sambal Oelek as substitute (optional)
  10. 2 eggs, beaten
  11. 1 tsp chicken broth powder
  12. 3 tbsp indonesian sweet soya sauce / Kecap Manis
  13. 1 tsp soy sauce (salty)
  14. fried onions
  15. flat parsley, chopped
  16. vegetable oil

For the paste:

  1. 5 pcs shallots, chopped
  2. 3 cloves garlic
  3. 1/2 tsp pepper
  4. salt to taste
Mie Goreng Ingredients

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. 1

    Cook the noodles by adding to boiling water (until al dente) according to package directions and set to drain in a colander.

  2. 2

    Heat about 3 tbsp of oil to stir fry the beaten egg. Stirring quickly to get it scrambled. Keep aside.

    Telur Diorak Arik
  3. 3

    Put all ingredients for the paste in a mortar/grinding stone and grind until smooth. Heat 3 tb oil in a frying pan, stir fry the paste over low heat until fragrant.

    Bumbu Mie Goreng
  4. 4

    Add the chicken fillet, continue stir-frying until the chicken's colour turns to white. Add chilli/sambal oelek, carrots and cabbage. Cook until the vegetable half cooked.

  5. 5

    Add noodles, coy sum, spring onions and bean sprouts. Cook until all vegetables just wilted.

    Sayuran Untuk Mie Goreng
  6. 6Masak Mie Goreng
  7. 7

    Add the scrambled egg and stir to mix.

    Telur Mie Goreng
  8. 8

    Add the chicken broth powder, salty soy sauce & kecap manis.

    Kecap Untuk Mie Goreng
  9. 9

    Adjust the seasoning. Add salt to taste. Mix well & remove from heat. Serve hot & garnish with fried onions & parsley.

    Mie Goreng Matang